Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The fever of communication

Communication, information, in the loop, on the page, revert, get back...it's spreading like a disease, this need to know, to be aware, to not be left behind. Work is 'appreciated', commitment is 'rewarded' and performances are 'appraised'. Are we talking the same language here? Or maybe I'm mistaken in believing that work is passion, commitment is inevitable, and performance is the result. According to one of the world's many prevalent philosophies, one needn't worry about the result; one only needs to worry about working whole-heartedly.

There is a mis-communication, I know. Forget about page, I'm not even in the same book. And worse, I don't know who my reporting manager is. So, who will tell me what I'm supposed to do, where I'm headed? Did they even create an ID for me in this century?

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